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The Bloodline System
Everyone Is Young Except For Me

NovelThe Bloodline SystemThe Bloodline System
Chapter 164 – Next Phase story example
Gustav walked majestically towards the second to the last pillar on the left side.
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“Everybody should know why you’re below… The MBO front door analyze subscription will certainly get started on in some a matter of minutes. Nonetheless, just before it will, I’d choose to say certain things. I’m positive everyone continue to be unclear about what happened on your way to the tower.” He explained together with his hands put behind his backside.
The people didn’t understand that the MBO needed everybody to partake over the following evaluation blindly, without needing any understanding of what their fellow participants’ strength was.
For some reason, the MBO wanted to not make known this data while they experienced it.
‘I wonder what grade he is,’ These were the thoughts of almost every mixed-blood in the vicinity.
“Everyone should know about why you’re right here… The MBO front door test signing up will almost certainly begin in a few a few minutes. However, before it will, I’d love to say certain things. I’m certainly all of you are still confused about what actually transpired soon on your way the tower.” He explained together with his hands and fingers set behind his rear.
“Count on additional unexpected surprises through the evaluation. Issues will never be because they are reported to be because the sole thing that never changes on earth is points rarely go as arranged… Individuals who can understand fully and accommodate that thought procedure should be able to tackle unforeseen cases… Only people who are adequate will endure the possibility of obtaining enlisted in to the MBO. So, ensure you do your greatest!” He reported with an authoritative tone.
“Put YOUR HAND ON THE PALM To Ensure YOUR Personal identity AND Start Working On Another STAGE!”
Chapter 164 – Following Cycle
Although lots of participants had been disqualified during the first phase, they would definitely still be more than a thousand left, and they could all fit in within this large space, but they were teleported to other places within the tower.
The total number of members from the sizeable space region was around 2000. Even now, the pillars ended up just about fifteen in variety.
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Trruunnnuuuu! Trruunnnuuuu! Trruunnnuuuu!
The participants didn’t are aware that the MBO desired absolutely everyone to participate over the following analyze blindly, without having any concept of what their other participants’ sturdiness was.
‘I wonder what grade he is,’ These were the thoughts of almost every mixed-blood in the vicinity.
These pillars obtained two palm printing on each of their health that glowed violet.
After a few has been selected along with their palms were scanned, this process was accomplished. The participants who possessed been through the process disappeared using their ranking position.
Lights reflected from the pillar and scanned his entire figure.
“Goodluck Gustav,” She voiced out with a smile.
“Put Your Hands In The PALM To Ensure YOUR Individuality AND Proceed To Our Next Point!”
They put their mitts on the palm printing, and vibrant mild enveloped them, scanning themselves from top to bottom.
“Goodluck Gustav,” She voiced out with a smile.
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60 minutes half an hour after, Gustav sensed a thing and searched up.
The big home instantly quietened upon realizing him.
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Angy was still seated, waiting for her number to be shown. When she saw Gustav getting up, she felt a wave of uneasiness and disappointment hit her.
“Try your best,” Gustav added before moving forward.
“You all ought to know why you’re listed here… The MBO entry analyze sign up will commence in a few minutes. On the other hand, right before it can do, I’d wish to say a couple of things. I’m absolutely sure all of you continue to be confused about what happened on your journey to the tower.” He stated with his hands and wrists placed behind his again.
Gustav made his palm around to deal with him and stared at the quantity onto it again.
Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!